Freitag, 25. August 2017

Drearyym Live in Helsinki Aug.09 2017

It was the first trip to Finnland.
While my finnish teacher was staying in Finnland in summer for about one month I visited her in Helsinki for one week.

Fortuitously one of my favorite finnish band Drearyym played on wednesday August 9. in Helsinki, so while I stayed there!
Moreover The place they played at the Annankatu was only 3 minutes by walk from our holiday flat at Erikiinkatu!

Normally I don't like to go to a metal consert alone.
But my finnish teacher is never the type, who like metal XD.
So she came with me just to the front of the Bar Loose and go further to take some walk (T.T).

It was a little early.
So I went to the flat back and after a while went to the Bar again.
At the front of the bar I met Eero first, the Keyboad player of Drearyym: "Yuki?"
Oh how cool, that I could get to know the band member personally!

I didn't know the first band "Diskreator" and the second "Instant". Both are melodic death metal, which I like, quite good. Of cource, because they are finnish!

And the third, finally Drearyym!!
I never thought, that I could be at a live of my favorite band in Finnland! A dream came true!
Their sound is partly similar like Frosttide and Ephemerald also my favorite finnish bands.
I love those typical finnish "Kalevala" melody :D

Se oli hyvin mukava ja hauskaa!!
Kiitos Kiitos ja Kippis!!


Sorry for the sound, is very bad quality, may only "better than nothing" (T.T)

Drearyym Live Vid 1
Drearyym Live Vid 2
Drearyym Live Vid 3

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